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Helpful industry resources



Care Enterprise LLC

(770) 575-4149

Helps clients license personal care homes, group homes and home care agencies in Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, and New Jersey.



Brightside Consulting Group

Creates fully customized and personalized manuals for clients to license care homes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.



Care Home Industry Training

(770) 492-2945

Assists clients in getting licensed as personal care home providers in Georgia for seniors and disabled residents through their StartSMART training.



American Red Cross

(800) 733-2767

Offers a variety of in person and online training courses and certifications pertinent to the care home industry, including CPR, first aid and custom-tailored programs to train employees.



National Fire Sprinkler Association

(443) 863-4464

Provides free resources including helpful information about the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems, which the International Fire Codes and National Fire Protection Codes 1, 101, 5000 require be done.



Personal Care and Assisted Living Insurance Center, LLC

(800) 673-2558

Operates in numerous states providing free resources, best practice tools and insurance information for adult residential care businesses.