Thrive Care Home Consulting

Helping You Create Customized Policy and Procedure Manuals

Top-Notch Consultants for licensed care homes

Thrive Care Home Consulting LLC helps clients with the licensing process for their care home by providing personalized and customized policy and procedure manuals.

We also offer a sizeable list of standard operating forms that come free with the policy manual. Clients can wisely use the forms to run the business so that it passes the state inspection and flourishes for the long term.

Using our expertise, we help license homes in New Hampshire, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Alabama.

We help license residential facilities for non-medical supported living and group homes for adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) and/or developmental disabilities (DD).

In short, we take the guess work out of the licensing process. We also take great pride in working closely hand in hand with our clients each step of the way to make sure they are comfortable with the licensing process, which oftentimes can be a serious investment of time, energy and resources.



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